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You have searched worlds over and found the hidden maps. These lead you here to this ancient factory that was once used to create gigantic space fleets. Now the forge has been reactivated with the goal of bringing you a more elegant weapon from a  more civilized age. 

Our battle ready sabers, Powered by the Darkwolf RGBX soundboard, can help you free the galaxy or control it. 

Are you more interested in designing your own powerful saber, we have a number of options that will allow you to create your own unique saber.

Recreations of the various sabers of the past are also available. These variant hilts remind us of a galaxy a long time ago.

Are you looking for a saber with a stronger source of power? The Starpixel upgrade is one that might be for you, utilizing the powerful new soundboard from LGT this upgrade will bring the power of the universe to your hands.

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