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Frequently asked questions

What comes with an Armory saber?

The armory line is diverse in design and has a number of different options for the sabers. Every Starforge Armory saber comes with a Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion Battery a Blade, 36 inches in length a battery charging cable

What comes with a Construct a saber?

A construct a saber comes with a rechargeable 18650 battery a blade 36 inches a charging cable a Darkwolf soundboard with 9 soundfonts and smooth swing

Can I choose the sounds for my saber?

In the future there will be a proffie option and you will be able to program it with various different soundfonts. At this time the soundboards available in both the Armory and the construct a saber are darkwolf soundboards with 9 soundfonts. Depending on which saber you choose some may have an older soundboard in them that does not include smooth swing technology, this is reflected in the price of the saber, as this technology is the most advanced that is currently offered in that style of board.

what is the Warranty for the sabers?

Starforge Sabers warranties our hilt electronics and moving mechanical parts from defects in original materials and original workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. We will gladly assist with any troubleshooting in regards to this warranty. Please note that we may require photo or video documentation, along with written explanations, to help us find the best and quickest solution.

How quickly do you ship

Starforge Sabers is a small company, but we do recognize the need to be expeditious in our shipping policy. We ship orders out in 24-48 hours of receiving said orders. We provide tracking information and are quick to answer any other questions you might have about our shipping policy.