New Year, New sabers

Happy New Year to all. It's such an amazing start. The forge has been quiet because the holiday was very busy. Now that the new year has begun it's time to start focusing on new works. The new equipment in the forge has all been set up and I'm pleased to say that it's very nice.

New offerings will begin with the option of in-hilt recharge ports. One of my biggest desires has always been to limit the amount of times people need to take batteries out and make recharging the battery more convenient.

One of the offers I can not wait to offer is the option of neopixel blades on my master sabers. Neopixel blades offer a closer aesthetic to the scrolling effect of the movie lightsabers. These saber blades also give the option for effects that in-hilt LEDs do not. Effects such as unstable blade, flame blade and what's known as rain effects.

I'm very excited to start making sabers in the new year and look forward to showing off my new products.

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