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Introducing the DOMINATION saber, inspired by the infamous Savage Oppress. This saber features a sleek black hilt with red accents and a powerful, double-bladed design. With its durable construction and expert craftsmanship, the DOMINATION saber is perfect for both novice and experienced saber wielders alike. Whether you're battling foes or practicing your skills, this saber is sure to make you feel like an unstoppable force. Channel the power of the dark side with the DOMINATION saber.


  • This saber features a double sided core. The core itself can be one of three options RGBX, XENOPIXEL OR GOLDEN HARVEST.

    Included with the saber are 2 polycarbonate blades or 2 pixel blades.

    Please indicate in comments the length of blades you prefer between 24 to 36 inches

    Please allow 4-6 weeks for production

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