Rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery


2mm thick, 36 inch long polycarbonate blade

12 watt RGB LED

Multiple soundfonts

On demand blaster selection

On demand Lockup

Stable, pulse, unstable blade effects

High volume, low volume, Mute

Xenopixel features

36 inch pixel blade

34 base font xenopixel soundboard

Background music

Multiple blade styles including blaster blade, ghost blade, rainbow blade, candy blade

New ignition effects

Golden harvest

36 inch pixel blade

Multiple soundfonts

Multiple blade styles

Ability to add new blade styles

Xenopixel and Golden Harvest will be drop shipped until stock can be brought into shop


  • Based on the graflex from the prequel Era. It's got some very distinct features that set it apart from other graflex sabers. The clamp is one and the eye on top is another.

    This Saber is not recommended for heavy dueling, but is more of a costume prop/ showpiece

    11.4 inches long